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Credit Card Change

Unbelievable Quality Magic from Europe!

An absolute Winning Card Miracle!

Have a card selected and replaced.

Now suggest a bet. If you can't find their card, they win your credit card.

After a few successful tries at finding their card, you're ready to pay off.

Take out your American Express card from your pocket its time to pay up!

Clearly show both sides of the credit card.

Toss the card up & the Credit Card CHANGES to THEIR SELECTED playing card IN MID-AIR!!

Precesion made card / credit card does the magic!

Manufactured in England.

Our price: £19.53 (€29.31)
Crossing over

Bicycle Poker

You have five cards; they have five cards. A mentally selected card from your pile magically crosses over to their pile! You now have four cards; they have six cards!
They clearly see only ten cards on the table. They clearly see five cards in your hand.

Our price: £10.20 (€15.31)
Diminishing Cards - Baker

Al Baker's Classic Version!

After performing several card effects
You begin to shrink a fan of cards, with a small squeezing motion.
The cards have diminished by 25%!
You continue the shrinking 4 times until you are holding a small fan of cards only 1/4 inch in size!
Then the mini card completely VANISH!
Professional Quality Outfit!

Our price: £20.38 (€30.59)
Diminishing Cards - Jumbo

After performing several card effects.
You begin to shrink a fan of cards, with a small squeezing motion.
The cards have diminished by 25%!
You continue the shrinking 4 times until you are holding a
Then the mini card completely VANISH!
Professional Quality Outfit from Europe!

Our price: £19.53 (€29.31)

DiVision is so Clean Looking it Practically Squeaks!

You remove the two jokers from the deck and place them off to one side on the table.
The spectator now selects a card from the deck and memorizes it.
The selection is now placed openly into the center of the deck.
The magician snaps his fingers and turns the top card over, it's the spectator's card!

But it doesn't end there...In the blink of an eye, the selection visibly turns into the two jokers!
The two cards on the table are now seen to be a single card...which is turned face up to reveal the spectator's selection!

Our price: £10.80 (€16.21)
Double Door Card - Bicycle

Two cards are selected from a deck. The Magician draws a small card on the back of an indiffrent card.
This card is one of the selections.
With a FLICK of the finger the DRAWN card changes to the SELECTED card.

Hand-crafted mechanical gimmick
Made in BICYCLE poker
2 Special cards included: 1 for the switchout, 1 mechanical
Made in EUROPE

Our price: £12.76 (€19.15)
Double Vision - JB

Mark Mason's newest 2001 MIRACLE!

Absolute Stunner!

  • Requires NO Skill!
  • Re-Sets Itself!
  • A Different Card Everytime!

From a BLUE card case, you START to remove a RED card deck!

NO Moves at all, the card deck visually changes to BLUE!

Show the entire card deck to be BLUE!

The spectator names ANY card, you remove this card from the deck, and place it in their hand.

THEY turn the card over, it's the only RED card in the deck!


  • Bicycle Poker!
  • Name ANY Card!
  • Different Card EveryTime!
  • NO Rough & Smooth!

Simply return the the deck to the case, and repeat the effect!

From a Blue card case, start to remove a Red deck
Red deck visually changes to Blue
Entire deck is shown blue, a card is named
It's the only red card is the blue deck

Our price: £11.91 (€17.88)
Flash Card - Rob Bromley

This is the very best version of this effect as the card is precision made to be only a single card thickness. Identical in effect to "Blink" but a far superior prop.

A card is selected from a deck, and vanished.

You produce 1 card from your pocket.

When it is shown the spectators tell you it's the wrong card.

NO problem at all!

You Toss the card in the air and it INSTANTLY and VISIBLY changes to their selected card!

Bicycle Poker

Made in England by Rob Bromley

Predicted selected card VISUALLY changes to correct selected card
Unbelievable Workmanship!

Our price: £9.32 (€13.99)
Floating pen

Floating Pen Card - Bicycle

ALL NEW Universal Precision Gimmicked Card

Have a card selected from the deck and get ready for cool magic!
Ask them to initial the card with your pen. The Pen is made to stick to one side of the card.

Then the Pen FLOATS away from the card! The Pen is in MID-AIR!

Hand the Pen and card out for quick examination.

Custom hand-made in Bicycle Poker for an invisible gimmick.

Precision die-cutting make this card a work of art

Our price: £8.09 (€12.14)
Frequent Flyer by Evan Beaugard


A playing card is selected from the deck. The card is shown front and back before being placed in the magician's outstretched palm. Upon the magician's command, the card begins to float above the hand. The magician then pushes the card back down onto his hand. Finally, he hands the selected card out for examination.

Comes complete with special gimmick and detailed instructions explaining how to perform this gravity-defying illusion

Our price: £6.81 (€10.22)